Michael Smith

Michael’s concept of gorgeous hair is that it should look as though you want to touch it. He believes that fabulous hair coloring should impart shine, texture, tone, depth and richness. And his expertise in creating a gorgeous head of hair is more than apparent once you emerge from his chair after experiencing his blonde-beautifying highlighting techniques, or having a color correction performed.

British Vogue and other top fashion magazines from across the pond have featured Michael’s hair-color creations. His global perspective on hair design is quite possibly a result of being born in the UK, and owning hair salons in South Africa and St. Maarten, NA. Michael boasts extensive European training in color technique, and sports an enigmatic British accent to boot.

Michael has always had a keen interest in fashion and style. He is very particular with his work and caters to a very discerning clientele. Michael prefers Goldwell and Majirel (consider the Rolls Royces of hair color lines) for their quality and integrity of color pigment and he has the highlighting foils that he uses imported from London. Michael’s vision for Salon Oasis is to provide current and future clients with an environment in which to absolutely immerse themselves in luxury services.